Thursday, September 8, 2011

My first day of school!

I had my first opportunity to sub today in a fourth grade classroom!  I was completely in my element!  I knew the curriculum and I enjoyed just getting to teach today!  It was only for 1/2 of the day but I really enjoyed working with the kids.  I had a nice group and I feel like we got a lot accomplished.  It is amazing how stress free I feel.  I got to do the best part of teaching today, TEACH!  I checked a few papers, wrote the teacher a note, and left for the day!  
Maybe every teacher should have a chance to sub for 1 year so they can do what they really love, TEACH!  I have to say, I am not missing all the extra work that teachers have to do.  Regardless of what anyone NOT in education thinks, teachers work really hard during the school year and even in the summer when they are not in school.  There is always so much planning and collaborating involved.  I have to say, it has been a nice break!
That being said, I am subbing a 1/2 day in a BD classroom tomorrow and I may have an entirely different feeling when I get home tomorrow!  However, I have to say Day 1 of subbing, successful!
The best part, subbing in my kid's school and having them meet up with me after school!
Also lucky me today, I got to do noon recess duty!  Oh how I miss it!  Unfortunately, I had nobody following me around and wanting to talk to me the whole time! I do miss that!
We will see what tomorrow holds!  Until tomorrow!!!

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  1. Glad it went well... I knew you wouldn't miss all the extra responsibilities, and I agree with you about how everyone should sub for awhile. It sure influenced how I now prep for a sub in my room! MISS YOU!!!