Thursday, August 18, 2011

Meet the Teacher Night

Tonight was meet the teacher night at Emma and Jack's new school.  We only met Emma's teacher as Jack's Open House is next Monday night.  He starts one day later than Emma!  Emma's classroom looked great and all her supplies were sitting on her desk along with a letter from her teacher.  She met two students in her class that was fun for her as well.  She will have a lesson planner this year and that will definitely be something new for her.  Her teacher Mrs. S. uses The Daily 5, so of course I am happy about that as well!
It's pretty hard being on the other side of the desk so to speak!  However, I am confident that Emma will have a great school year.  I am also glad that someone besides me will be wanting her to read.  It's been hard keeping her reading all summer.
On the up side, I was able to volunteer for multiple things with the PTA.  I am excited to volunteer and help out in the classroom if I can.    I will try not to be "that parent" as best I can this school year.  Three more days of freedom for the kids and then my freedom will begin at least part time!
I hope everyone has great back to school moments!  Make new friends and build each other up!


  1. What's a lesson planner? That sounds interesting! Have a great school year, Jack & Emma (& mommy too!)! Love you guys!!!

  2. It's a student planner. Maybe I mistyped!