Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Conferences, Ecosystems, and Parties, Oh My!

Student-Led Conferences
By Madison K.
This week we had student-led conferences. Student-led conferences are conferences where the student will be in charge of the whole conference. He or she will bring their parents to their conference. Conferences were on Tuesday and Thursday night last week.

Sidenote from Mrs. Kurth
I thought the students did a great job leading their conferences last week. I enjoyed listening to everyone share what they liked and what they needed to be better at in school. I want to thank all the parents for coming and supporting their child.

Our Assignment Journal Party
By Blair B.
Our class is having an assignment journal party. If our class and the other class got their assignment journal signed they would get to watch Underdog or The Fantastic Mr. Fox. We voted on Underdog. All the people who had their assignment journal signed got to watch a movie and have lunch in our classroom.

Our Ecosystem Projects
By Nickel I.
Our class worked on ecosystem and worked very hard on them. We made tundras, swamps, volcanos, rainforests, and more. We used materials that are easy to get, like paper and created ecosystems. We added animals, plants, and rocks to complete the living and nonliving parts of our ecosystems.

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  1. Great blog-posts 4th graders! Thanks for being part of your classroom blog. :) -Mrs. Schloss