Monday, January 31, 2011

January Excitement

Winter Greenhouses
By A'lia and Mia

In Mrs. Kurth's 4th grade, we are doing Winter Greenhouses with the help of Mrs. Tollenaere. First, we got empty milk and water cartons. Then, we cut around the carton but we did not cut the handle. Next, we put dirt in the carton and planted our plants in the dirt. Mrs. Kurth wrote our plants names and our name on the carton. Thanks for coming Mrs. Tollenaere.

A little about Martin Luther King, Jr.
By Blair

Martin Luther King, Jr. helped white and black people go to school together and he helped black people go in restaurants where they couldn't before. Martin Luther King, Jr. said a speech about what one of his dreams were. After that it was joyful for the black people. This is what Martin Luther King, Jr. and what he did to help the United States.

What to do during an Inside Recess
By Madison

Even though inside recess might seem boring, there are still many things to do. Such as playing games, playing on the computers and iPods, drawing and talking with friends.

Book Talk
By A'lia

George's Secret Key To the Universe
When George follows his pig, Freddy into his neighbor's house, he meets his neighbors, Eric, Annie, and their computer Cosmos. Soon, Annie and George are on an adventure that will lead them into danger.

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  1. sounds as if everyone is really keeping busy!
    Keep up the good work everyone