Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bringing the blog back...

Rare opportunities don't come along often, but I have been given one and I am very grateful and thrilled.  On January 7th, I took over for a fourth grade classroom at Altoona Elementary.  Mrs. R moved to Mississippi when her husband was transferred for his job.
I am so excited to be back in fourth grade.   As an added bonus, I get to teach Emma for the rest of the school year.  I hope it continues to be a bonus!  Once again, I will use this blog as a platform for students to share what is going on in the classroom and what they are learning!  I hope that I will have new followers and they will enjoy being connected to these students in a whole new way!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Season of Thanksgiving is fast approaching!

We are fast approaching our 4 month mark in Altoona!  It has certainly been a whirlwind of the last 4 months.  New house, new school, new job, new adventures!  The kids are making new friends and getting involved in the community.  Emma is doing Swim Team and Jackson will soon be starting basketball.  They both enjoy going to Midweek at the church we have been visiting.  Jason and I have joined a small group at church to help us get to know new people.  It takes time to build new relationships so I will keep plugging away at it.
The kids really do enjoy school and the best part of my day is being home when they get home to sit at the table with an afternoon snack and talk about their day!  In the past, I guess frankly, we were just too rushed in the evening to have those great chats.  Sitting down as a family to eat supper has also been a more frequent thing in our household and that is great for everybody!
I have had several opportunities to sub and have enjoyed being in the classroom much more than being a specials teacher.  I am just more in my element in the classroom.   I am loving being able to come home and not worry about getting things done for the next day.  I am trying to figure out how I ever got anything done at home before.  Oh that's right, I didn't!  I do realize I need to take a few more jobs but I do like the luxury of staying home during the day.

I still feel like I am on summer vacation so I do need to get on more of a schedule.  How do I do that?  It will happen and I hope soon!  Although, we still feel as if we are in transition, we do feel that we are truly blessed and feel thankful for being closer to our family.  But friends, we are missing you greatly!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall is here or is it?

Well we certainly saw some cooler temperatures last week but this week looks like it is going to turn out to be quite nice!  I spent all last week subbing in a BD classroom.  That was quite an experience.  I enjoyed working with all the teachers and the kids.  We were a small but mighty classroom.  I helped with K-2 BD students!  I think I learned a few new things last week.  I will try them at home for sure! :  )
I have enjoyed substituting so far.  I haven't been in too many full classrooms yet, but I look forward to doing that soon!  They wanted me to work this whole week but it was nice to have the luxury of saying no.  As all my working friends know, when you work all day, you can't always get everything done at home so that is what I am doing today!

The family and I enjoyed a great visit to Granny Pat's house on Sat.  We were hoping to go fishing but the weather just didn't want to cooperate with us.  Therefore, we did a very "fall" thing.  We went to Deal's Apple Orchard.  We enjoyed the apples and the hot apple cider.  We took a hayrack ride and even walked in the pumpkin patch.  I am not ready to buy any pumpkins so we did walk away empty handed!  We ended the day having a nice dinner at a little place in Jamaica, Iowa called Tojo's.  They have the best Pork Tenderloins around!

As usual, I am missing my friends but hoping to make a few new ones in the coming weeks with some school activities.  I signed up to be a homeroom mother in Emma's class.  That should be interesting!  I am excited because some of my shows start their new season this week.  It's the little things!

I hope everyone is ready for Fall because it is coming and we sadly have to say goodbye to summer! I hope everyone has a blessed week and can keep their heads above water at work.  I am just going to try to keep my head above my laundry pile!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

My first day of school!

I had my first opportunity to sub today in a fourth grade classroom!  I was completely in my element!  I knew the curriculum and I enjoyed just getting to teach today!  It was only for 1/2 of the day but I really enjoyed working with the kids.  I had a nice group and I feel like we got a lot accomplished.  It is amazing how stress free I feel.  I got to do the best part of teaching today, TEACH!  I checked a few papers, wrote the teacher a note, and left for the day!  
Maybe every teacher should have a chance to sub for 1 year so they can do what they really love, TEACH!  I have to say, I am not missing all the extra work that teachers have to do.  Regardless of what anyone NOT in education thinks, teachers work really hard during the school year and even in the summer when they are not in school.  There is always so much planning and collaborating involved.  I have to say, it has been a nice break!
That being said, I am subbing a 1/2 day in a BD classroom tomorrow and I may have an entirely different feeling when I get home tomorrow!  However, I have to say Day 1 of subbing, successful!
The best part, subbing in my kid's school and having them meet up with me after school!
Also lucky me today, I got to do noon recess duty!  Oh how I miss it!  Unfortunately, I had nobody following me around and wanting to talk to me the whole time! I do miss that!
We will see what tomorrow holds!  Until tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Week of School

Today was the day!  I sent my baby to Kindergarten!  Emma went yesterday and Jack started today!  I thought he would be sad but basically just gave me a hug and said goodbye!  "See ya later Mom!"    I was happy that he was excited for school and not afraid!!  Needless to say, he had a great day!  He really liked P.E.!  Big surprise there for Mr. Active. 

 I am happy to say that I think they are in a great place and the teachers and other staff will be very caring!  Emma is making new friends and I believe Jackson will make many new friends as well!  He told me tonight there are only 6 boys in his class.  I asked him how many girls and he said, "A lot more than that! "  HA!  That made me laugh!

Emma has a planner this year and so far (2 days), she has been very good about showing it to me!  We are starting a checklist at home to perk up the responsibility around the house!  I am hoping for the best!  It always takes time at the beginning of the school to get into that new routine.  She likes her teacher and seems to like everything about the new routine!  She will also have the other third grade teachers throughout the year for units in Science and Social Studies.  I will be interested to see how they do things!

Today was the first day I haven't had kids since we moved!   I took a me day!  I am not ashamed to admit it!  It was nice to kick back today.  I took the dog for a walk.  I read my book.  I watched a little TV.  I did do a load of laundry!  Yea ME!  I also made a nice dinner for my family which they didn't really like!  I guess that is how it goes and great for me because I have leftovers for lunch tomorrow. 
I promise to work much harder tomorrow!

My friends in Fairfield start school tomorrow!  I wish them a great day!  I wish all my former students a great school year!!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Meet the Teacher Night

Tonight was meet the teacher night at Emma and Jack's new school.  We only met Emma's teacher as Jack's Open House is next Monday night.  He starts one day later than Emma!  Emma's classroom looked great and all her supplies were sitting on her desk along with a letter from her teacher.  She met two students in her class that was fun for her as well.  She will have a lesson planner this year and that will definitely be something new for her.  Her teacher Mrs. S. uses The Daily 5, so of course I am happy about that as well!
It's pretty hard being on the other side of the desk so to speak!  However, I am confident that Emma will have a great school year.  I am also glad that someone besides me will be wanting her to read.  It's been hard keeping her reading all summer.
On the up side, I was able to volunteer for multiple things with the PTA.  I am excited to volunteer and help out in the classroom if I can.    I will try not to be "that parent" as best I can this school year.  Three more days of freedom for the kids and then my freedom will begin at least part time!
I hope everyone has great back to school moments!  Make new friends and build each other up!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August is Here!

Normally, I would be going into school today to start getting ready for the year. I loved getting ready for the first day of school. No matter how many years I taught, the beginning of the school always captured the same excitement for me. I loved the idea of a new class, new challenges, and new checking pens! Oh let's face it, I loved shopping for school supplies more than my students did. It was a guilty pleasure to stroll the aisles of Target and see the new things retailers had created for school. I loved buying markers, colored pencils, and notebooks for my classroom. Most importantly, finding the right different colored pens to check papers with each day!
At Emma and Jack's new school, you pay a sum and the school supplies are provided for each student. Although, this is convenient for parents and all students have the same, I am sad I won't get to purchase school supplies with my kids. However, knowing myself too well, I am sure we will be visiting Target at least once and we will probably have to get something. I just won't be able to help myself. After all, I am going to substitute, I need good checking pens to check those papers. Right?
I was able to help my cousin Jennifer do some stuff for her classroom. This was a great teacher fix. I am also going back to Fairfield to visit and help in the classrooms of my former hallway team! I know it will help my fix but also make me really sad. I truly will miss the classroom this year. I hope to continue learning new tools this year so that when I go back to the classroom, I am ready!
I wish all my fellow teachers a successful beginning of the school year and most of all a successful school year with all their students. Thanks for all the hard work you do at the beginning of the year (unpaid) to ensure the success and happiness of your students all year!