Friday, November 19, 2010

Great Things Happening In Fourth Grade

"Reading Saves The Day" incentive trip to Jefferson County Park.
By Alexis K.

Our school did a reading incentive. If you brought back 3 out of 4 reading logs then you got to go to Jefferson County Park to play games and eat smores'. They were delicious. I loved the smores'. They were my favorite part.

Northeast State Posters
By Mia E.

In Mrs. Kurth's 4th grade Social Studies class, we are studying the Northeast section of the United States. Mrs. Kurth allowed us to pick a Northeast state that we could research and find information about, such as the state seal, state bird, state flower. One person picked Connecticut, a few people picked Delaware, but most of the class was scattered everywhere. Our class project will be making a poster with all the states together and forming the Northeast region in the end.

The Interest Corner
By Carter S.

Our interest corner has books about what we want. A lot of students picked the types of books they like or are interested in. We picked Star Wars, The Vietnam War, World War I and II, Greek Mythology, animals, planets and more. I bet that we will have lots of fun. I can not wait until it gets here. I hope we have lots of time to be in it. Some of the books I want to read are Star Wars, The Vietnam War, and World War I and II. I bet our class will have lots of fun.

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  1. Dear 4th Grade Leaders,
    Thanks for adding updates to your class blog. I really enjoyed reading them.
    :) Mrs. Schloss