Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you have been enjoying posts from your kids. I know I have enjoyed seeing our classroom through their eyes. I thought I would write the post this week and they will be back next week with some exciting things about what's going on in fourth grade.

The next few weeks will go very quickly in fourth grade. We will be anticipating our winter vacation and all the fun that goes with that. However, we will still be in school and we need to remember to stay focused so we can get the most out of our day.

During the month of December, we will be doing several things and of course the students will be sharing more info on the blog in the coming weeks. We will be doing a Holiday Traditions Around the World Unit in Reading as well as working on our big maps in Social Studies. We will also be starting an environmental unit on Wetlands as well as Rain, Run-off, and Rivers. You will be receiving a letter home about purchasing mudboots that your child will need during our trips to the wetland in March, April, and May. If you want to purchase them now, I am sure they can be found at all the farm stores in town. April tends to be pretty muddy so it's important to have them. All the fourth graders in the district will be participating in this wetlands project with Therese.

We continue to do our Reading Logs! Please understand how important it is to read at home! The students who read at home always improve greatly over the school year. Right now we have an incentive going on in our classroom. For students who read at least 120 minutes every week until vacation, they will get to choose their seat for the whole month of January. I told them they will have to try extra hard this week since they are not in school and off their regular schedule. As Parents, please try to make reading a priority this week. 20 minutes a day will bring them to their goal.

Students who sing in the Ensemble with Mr. Grunwald will be a part of the K-2 Holiday Program at the high school this year. This program will be December 9th. Please look for a letter to come home soon about this performance.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I know that I am truly Thankful that you send your child to me everyday. It is truly a blessing to have each and every one of my students here each day!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Great Things Happening In Fourth Grade

"Reading Saves The Day" incentive trip to Jefferson County Park.
By Alexis K.

Our school did a reading incentive. If you brought back 3 out of 4 reading logs then you got to go to Jefferson County Park to play games and eat smores'. They were delicious. I loved the smores'. They were my favorite part.

Northeast State Posters
By Mia E.

In Mrs. Kurth's 4th grade Social Studies class, we are studying the Northeast section of the United States. Mrs. Kurth allowed us to pick a Northeast state that we could research and find information about, such as the state seal, state bird, state flower. One person picked Connecticut, a few people picked Delaware, but most of the class was scattered everywhere. Our class project will be making a poster with all the states together and forming the Northeast region in the end.

The Interest Corner
By Carter S.

Our interest corner has books about what we want. A lot of students picked the types of books they like or are interested in. We picked Star Wars, The Vietnam War, World War I and II, Greek Mythology, animals, planets and more. I bet that we will have lots of fun. I can not wait until it gets here. I hope we have lots of time to be in it. Some of the books I want to read are Star Wars, The Vietnam War, and World War I and II. I bet our class will have lots of fun.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Conferences, Ecosystems, and Parties, Oh My!

Student-Led Conferences
By Madison K.
This week we had student-led conferences. Student-led conferences are conferences where the student will be in charge of the whole conference. He or she will bring their parents to their conference. Conferences were on Tuesday and Thursday night last week.

Sidenote from Mrs. Kurth
I thought the students did a great job leading their conferences last week. I enjoyed listening to everyone share what they liked and what they needed to be better at in school. I want to thank all the parents for coming and supporting their child.

Our Assignment Journal Party
By Blair B.
Our class is having an assignment journal party. If our class and the other class got their assignment journal signed they would get to watch Underdog or The Fantastic Mr. Fox. We voted on Underdog. All the people who had their assignment journal signed got to watch a movie and have lunch in our classroom.

Our Ecosystem Projects
By Nickel I.
Our class worked on ecosystem and worked very hard on them. We made tundras, swamps, volcanos, rainforests, and more. We used materials that are easy to get, like paper and created ecosystems. We added animals, plants, and rocks to complete the living and nonliving parts of our ecosystems.