Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August is Here!

Normally, I would be going into school today to start getting ready for the year. I loved getting ready for the first day of school. No matter how many years I taught, the beginning of the school always captured the same excitement for me. I loved the idea of a new class, new challenges, and new checking pens! Oh let's face it, I loved shopping for school supplies more than my students did. It was a guilty pleasure to stroll the aisles of Target and see the new things retailers had created for school. I loved buying markers, colored pencils, and notebooks for my classroom. Most importantly, finding the right different colored pens to check papers with each day!
At Emma and Jack's new school, you pay a sum and the school supplies are provided for each student. Although, this is convenient for parents and all students have the same, I am sad I won't get to purchase school supplies with my kids. However, knowing myself too well, I am sure we will be visiting Target at least once and we will probably have to get something. I just won't be able to help myself. After all, I am going to substitute, I need good checking pens to check those papers. Right?
I was able to help my cousin Jennifer do some stuff for her classroom. This was a great teacher fix. I am also going back to Fairfield to visit and help in the classrooms of my former hallway team! I know it will help my fix but also make me really sad. I truly will miss the classroom this year. I hope to continue learning new tools this year so that when I go back to the classroom, I am ready!
I wish all my fellow teachers a successful beginning of the school year and most of all a successful school year with all their students. Thanks for all the hard work you do at the beginning of the year (unpaid) to ensure the success and happiness of your students all year!

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  1. I'm glad to hear you will be visiting FF soon and perhaps I will see you since I'll be hanging around in your former hallway!

    I'll be anxious to hear about Emma and Jack's first day of school!! :)