Friday, April 29, 2011

Bicycle Safety Education

On Thursday, April 28, fourth graders had a great opportunity to learn more about bicycle safety. The Iowa Department of Public Health received a Community Wellness Grant to help educate the fourth graders on bicycle safety! Each fourth grade class in the Fairfield Community School District is receiving a 1 hour lesson. The bonus was getting a free bicycle helmet which was purchased through the wellness grant at A.J.'s Bicycle Shop! A big thank you goes out to Julie Harvey, Chief of Police, Tom O’Neill, Assistant Project Manager Pathfinders, and Chris Estle-Tedrow RN, BSN Administrator Jefferson County Public Health & Home Care

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I.T.B.S. Awards, Fiestas, Music Programs, and Field Trips! It must be Spring!

We had our I.T.B.S Awards Assembly on Monday, April 11th. Many fourth graders were honored for their improvement over their 3rd grade scores in reading and math as well as maintaining over a 90% in reading or math. Mrs. Hanshaw and Mrs. Kurth are very proud of the accomplishments of our fourth graders.

Fourth graders in Mrs. Kurth's class will be visiting the Fairfield Middle School on Tuesday, April 12th. This will be a chance to see what the middle school is like and where their classes will be next year.

On Wednesday, April 13th, Mrs. Kurth's class will be having a Fiesta in our classroom to celebrate finishing our Southwest Scrapbooks we have been working on for 2 weeks. Students will have a chance to enjoy treats and walk around and look at everyone's scrapbooks! However, I think everyone is more excited about the treats! : )

A few other things to be looking forward to in the next week will be our Spring Music Program at the Fairfield Civic Center. Student are asked to be there by 6:30 on Monday night, April 18th. They have been practicing very hard and I think this program will be fantastic!

Tuesday, April 19th, the fourth graders will be going on their second wetlands visit. Our class will be going in the morning. Just a reminder to bring mud boots and a change of clothes!

Thursday, April 21st, the fourth graders will be going to Jefferson County Park for their regular field trip. They will be doing the Indian Life Fair and some other great activities with Therese! Definitely something to look forward to next week!

Friday, April 22nd, is a NO SCHOOL day! Teachers have a Professional Development Day!

I hope everyone has a great Easter!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Flat Stanley Visits Washington School

Spencer M. from Cairo, Nebraska sent us a Flat Stanley. Although, Flat Stanley didn't get to visit anywhere in Iowa, he did get to take a tour around our school. Enjoy the Photopeach of Flat Stanley's Visit to Washington School.

Flat Stanley Visits Washington School on PhotoPeach

Spencer also sent us questions about our state which were answered and sent back to him in Cairo along with his Flat Stanley!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The eagle has hatched!

The baby has hatched... Check out the youtube footage of the new baby eagle! So cool!

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Eagle's Nest

The eggs will soon hatch! We got a bird's eye view today as we watched and hoped to see a baby eagle. No such luck, but I thought I would post the live web cam so you can watch this weekend! Hopefully, Monday we will see some baby eagles! Pretty exciting stuff here in Iowa!

Live Videos by Ustream