Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall is here or is it?

Well we certainly saw some cooler temperatures last week but this week looks like it is going to turn out to be quite nice!  I spent all last week subbing in a BD classroom.  That was quite an experience.  I enjoyed working with all the teachers and the kids.  We were a small but mighty classroom.  I helped with K-2 BD students!  I think I learned a few new things last week.  I will try them at home for sure! :  )
I have enjoyed substituting so far.  I haven't been in too many full classrooms yet, but I look forward to doing that soon!  They wanted me to work this whole week but it was nice to have the luxury of saying no.  As all my working friends know, when you work all day, you can't always get everything done at home so that is what I am doing today!

The family and I enjoyed a great visit to Granny Pat's house on Sat.  We were hoping to go fishing but the weather just didn't want to cooperate with us.  Therefore, we did a very "fall" thing.  We went to Deal's Apple Orchard.  We enjoyed the apples and the hot apple cider.  We took a hayrack ride and even walked in the pumpkin patch.  I am not ready to buy any pumpkins so we did walk away empty handed!  We ended the day having a nice dinner at a little place in Jamaica, Iowa called Tojo's.  They have the best Pork Tenderloins around!

As usual, I am missing my friends but hoping to make a few new ones in the coming weeks with some school activities.  I signed up to be a homeroom mother in Emma's class.  That should be interesting!  I am excited because some of my shows start their new season this week.  It's the little things!

I hope everyone is ready for Fall because it is coming and we sadly have to say goodbye to summer! I hope everyone has a blessed week and can keep their heads above water at work.  I am just going to try to keep my head above my laundry pile!

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