Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's a new year!

Happy New Year! We are off to quick start even though 2 snow days have already gotten us! The fourth graders will really be movin' and groovin' through third quarter. We have a lot of learning in store and some really exciting activities.

Winter Greenhouses
Kathy Tollenaere, a former second grade teacher at Libertyville,will be visiting our classroom this week to help us create "Winter Greenhouses" We finally get to use those milk jugs we collected so long ago! She will be helping us to turn those milk jugs into a greenhouse for seeds to grow during these winter months. Students will be placing their greenhouses outside and we will be checking on them throughout the winter. Mrs. Tolleneare will come back in the spring to see what has grown in our greenhouses. This will be a great activity for students to grow something in the winter. We appreciate Mrs. Tollenaere giving of her time and talents to us.

Reading and Spelling
Please continue to read at home each night and bring back Reading Logs every Monday. Bringing back a reading log each week IS an expectation that I have for each fourth grader. They will begin losing recesses for not bringing their reading logs back each week. Reading at home is one of the best ways to improve reading and comprehension. Please remember to study spelling words. I expect students to return spelling homework each Tuesday and study words throughout the week!

Math is getting a little bit harder and I am going to start slowing down in order to keep everyone on track. However, it IS my expectation that all fourth graders are practicing their multiplication facts and really learning them. Students who do not know their facts will really struggle in math the rest of the school year if they are not already struggling now. I want each fourth grader to see success in Math, but I also need each fourth grader to put the effort into math to be better.

Social Studies
We are beginning the Middle West Region! This is an exciting region because it is our region! Students will enjoy learning about their state as well as other states they may have visited! Please take time to practice states and capitals with your child!

We are beginning our unit on the Human Body. Student will be learning everything it takes for our human body to function. We will be doing some interesting activities to show how the human body functions.

I hope to have a great 3rd Quarter. Students will be back next time narrating our blog! Please look for the great things they are doing.
Mrs. Kurth

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