Friday, December 3, 2010

Interesting Events, People, and Books!

"Tree"Mendous Books
By Austin A.

In our class we are doing something called tree mendous books. First you read a chapter book. Then when you are done, you fill out a paper about your book. Finally, you get an ornament for your tree on the closet door. You can earn at four ornaments. If you earn at least three ornaments in December, we are going to decorate sugar cookies in the classroom.


By Steven E.

Sequoyah created the syllabary for the Cherokee People. It was a written language so they would not lose their history. As he was working on his written language, his daughter helped him and was one of the first Cherokee people to read and write using the syllabary Sequoyah created.

Pajama Party
By Carson C.

In our 4th grade, we have been doing something called the marble jar. See, if we do good stuff in the classroom, we get a marble and if we fill it up we get a party. This Friday everybody wore their pajamas because we decided to have a P.J. Party We watched The Lorax. We ate our lunch in the classroom.

The Lorax
By Clayton D.

What our class is doing for Science is "The Lorax". First we listened to the story and then we choral read the story. Next week, we are going to act out the story for another classroom. We also watched the movie and compared it to the book. We are learning what an environmental issue is and this story helped us to understand it better.

January Excitement
By Mia E. and Maddie K.

In Mrs. Kurth's 4th grade, our reading incentive is, in the weeks leading up to vacation, each student has to read at least 120 minutes at home during the week. If you do this then in January, we get to pick our seats. So we all can sit by our BFFs! We will have fun with that. But, if you don't read 120 minutes or more, you don't get to pick your seat. That's what's happening in fourth grade!

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