Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Vacation

Well, it is only an 8 week summer for those of us in Fairfield, Iowa but hopefully everyone has made the most of it! I spent several weeks getting my new classroom together but it is ready now for students. The closer August gets, the more anxious I get for school to start. There is just something about the beginning of the school year.
I wonder if my future fourth graders are starting to feel the same way. I hope so! I am excited for this new school year and all the great learning we are going to do. My hope is to try and blog at least once a week about what we are doing in our classroom and that parents will check in to see what we are doing as well. What's the purpose of a blog if nobody reads it.
There will be many changes in our school this year as we will truly miss our fifth grade teachers and all the students. It saddens me that I will not get to see the fifth graders this year as I love to see how they change over the course of the school year.
I will continue to enjoy my kids for the remaining 3 weeks of summer and make the most of what's left but in the back of my mind I will be getting ready to welcome the new crop of fourth graders into my class. I can't wait to meet everyone and build that relationship that is so important for the school year.
See ya in August!

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