Friday, September 3, 2010


Happy Friday!
Another hot week in the classroom, but I am hoping the cool down is on the way and our room will start to reflect the temperature difference soon! For this week's 4K WRAP-UP we have had another busy week.
Students got their first spelling list this week with words ending in -ed and -ing. Studying for spelling should primarily be done at home, however, students will have some opportunities for practice at school.
This week we read Heatwave. It was a wild weather tale about what happens when a heatwave hits a farm. Students had the opportunity to talk more about reality and fantasy. We worked on Present/Past/Future tense words as well this week.
We have been hard at work learning more about geometry in our new Everyday Math series. Students have had opportunities to make shapes with straws and twistie ties. We have played our important learning games such as sprouts, addition top-it, subtraction top-it, and Sw'qua.
Social Studies
We are continuing to work on our Geographic Tools unit. We have used the big maps this week to practice our map skills. We are recognizing and placing all the continents and oceans. We are working on cardinal directions and intermediate directions.
We are continuing to learn about classification and how living things are grouped. We did an onion lab this week. Click link Onion Lab to see what we did. We also created a mobile on the different parts of the animal kingdom. Students also started a Vertebrate/Invertebrate Poster with their groups.

Overall, we have had a terrific week! I am really enjoying this class and thank you again for letting me teach your child everyday!
Til next week... Mrs. Kurth

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